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 Cruising round the local bars looking for some action, our Oyeloca boys soon bump into a sweet Columbian chick Lorena Lobos. Pissed off at her boyfriend for not taking care of her, Lorena is keen to show him just what she is prepared to do is he doesn’t step up to the mark. Back at the apartment Lorena soon loses her panties, her big juicy Columbian pussy is hot for some action.

Taking his cock deep into her mouth she sucks it hard, then turning on her back, her tight little Columbian pussy open like a rose bud as Cristian rubs her swollen clit and slides his fingers into the folds of her pussy lips. Lorena is about to get a good stuffing as she is fucked from behind, his big throbbing cock pounding away inside her, giving her the fuck of her life.

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 Oyeloca Latina babe Valeria Rios is one hot chick. Dressed in a pair of lacy black panties and a sexy white see-through negligee, Valeria begins the shoot by wrapping her body around a pole and doing a seductive dance for the camera. Her man for today is close by and is soon stripped off ready to join in the fun.

Stripping off naked, Valeria Rios now escorts her man into the bathroom where a warm soapy bath is already prepared. Jumping straight into the water she pulls the guy towards her and starts to suck his long hard cock, soaping up her big juicy tits as she goes. She slips his cock between her tits and gives him a good soapy tit wank before the couple start fucking.

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 Hot Latina babe Susan from Oyeloca is on her way to the pool when she meets up with some guys. Inviting them along to play and the trio are soon in the pool, splashing around and having fun. Cristian splashes the cool water all over Susan’s big ripe ass, giving her ass cheeks a good shaking. Hot and ready for action now, Susan pulls down her bikini top, her big tits bouncing and jiggling as Cristian pulls down her panties and takes her from behind.

Her pumps his big, hard cock deep into her plump, Latino pussy, making her groan with pleasure. To finish him off she takes his huge cock into her mouth and sucks him hard and fast until he explodes, shooting his load of sticky, warm cum all over her sweet face.

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Sara is picked up at the local bus stop for what she thinks is a modelling shoot. Arriving at the apartment she soon finds out there is a little more to this modelling shoot at Oyeloca than meets the eye but as always, Sara is only too obliging.

Dressed in a short denim skirt and a cute little blue top she begins to seductively peel down her top revealing her firm juicy Latino tits and pulls up her skirt, showing her lovely big ass.

Knowing exactly what is coming next Sara sucks the guys big cock, taking it deep into her throat and making him hard before they fuck. She jumps on top of him, grinding her sweet Latino pussy down onto his long shaft, her swollen clit touching his balls with every thrust.

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Christian and his friend from Oyeloca are on their way to a porn shoot down in Columbia when on the way they bump into Marcela Diaz. Not one to miss out on an opportunity Cristian asks Marcela if she would like to come down to the shoot and join in with some nasty fun.

Marcela obliges and they are soon on set, Marcela Diaz is now naked and they waste no time getting straight into the action. She sucks the big Columbian cocks to get them nice and hard and then they fuck, Marcela’s big juicy tits bounce up and down as she is fucked every which way. Her lovely big ass cheeks wobble as she is fucked from behind, doggy style and her plump pussy lips swallow up the huge cocks.

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Having been invited to a Halloween party Daniela Rojas from Oyeloca is in a hurry to get dressed and go but her fella is not quite so keen. To get him in the mood she changes into her costume, a black, feathery, sexy little number that doesn’t leave much to the imagination and does a quick dance for him, shaking her firm tits and lush ass at him.

Desperate to hurry him up she offers him a blowjob if he gets ready. Not one to pass up on such a great offer, he gladly accepts and whips out his huge, long cock. Daniela begins to suck it hungrily, making him hard and as one thing leads to another, the couple are soon fucking.

I think Daniela is going to be late for the party!

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